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Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry

Contamination Control

Reputation and brand is built over time and is reliant on consumer trust and loyalty. News spreads rapidly throughout the world, and the growth of social media only compounds the problem. Reports of a contamination or recall incident could destroy customer and shareholder confidence in an instant.

Recently, the FDA has tightened inspections of compounding pharmacies due to the lack of sterility assurance and concerns associated with the quality control processes employed. Alcohol kills quickly and evaporates, making Biomist a perfect solution for dry aseptic processing environments. Use Biomist after vacuum cleaning and dry mopping to kill bacteria, yeast and mold contamination that can destroy products and your reputation.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 2

The control of particulates and microbes entering a controlled environment is probably the most critical area of concern in the entire cleaning and disinfection process. Biomist quickly disinfects vectors of contamination at main entrances, entrances to manufacturing areas and packaging sections. Shoes, carts, tanks, tools and other sources of pathogen migration can be disinfected with ease.

Protect your brand and investment from the catastrophic effect of recall due to product contamination.

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