Sanitize rooms fast to protect guests

Biomist Inc. systems are ideal for disinfecting hotels, hospitality & childcare centers

Step Up Sanitation Practices

As a hotel operator, the comfort, safety and satisfaction of your guests are top priorities. If increasing your average stays and your guest satisfaction rate are important to you, then housekeeping has to be at the top of your list as a manager or operator. The guest experience within each and every room, as far as cleanliness goes, is a critical factor in keeping guests coming back.

Most hotel rooms are cleaned but may not be sanitized. Housekeeping departments need to identify the “high-touch” areas in the hotel and focus their cleaning and sanitizing efforts in those areas to reduce guests’ risk of illness. Items such as the remote control, light switches other communal objects tend to have the highest bacterial counts and implementation of effective sanitation methods is of utmost importance.

The Biomist Sanitizing System Spray Gun

Biomist kills germs on contact and evaporates to leave sanitary surfaces for your guests. No waiting for contact times saves time, and no wiping is required. This eliminates cross-contamination from dirty rags that move bacteria and viruses from one surface to another. Simply point and spray!

Diseases such as norovirus, influenza A virus, and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) have significantly impacted the hospitality industry on a global scale. Protect your reputation and your brand with Biomist!

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