Control foodborne illness

Biomist kills germs rapidly and evaporates to save time, labor and money.

In 2011, President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), granting the FDA expansive powers to protect the nation’s food supply. The act shifts the FDA’s regulatory focus from reacting to food contamination to prevention.

Food safety cannot be inspected into the product and end-product testing is costly, time-consuming and unreliable at best. Food safety must be built into the processes used in the production, manufacture and preparation of food products. Protection against the possibility of a product recall is a very small price to pay in the ever increasingly competitive food processing industry.

Biomist SS20 Power Sanitizing System in use at a food processing facility

Biomist kills germs rapidly and evaporates to save time, labor and money. Tackle pre-op and in-shift sanitizing jobs with ease, difficult areas and non-washable equipment such as packaging machinery, electrical panels, and refrigeration coils can be sanitized in seconds. In addition, vectors of cross-contamination such as shoes, casters and forklift wheels can be sanitized to limit pathogen migration in processing environments.

Biomist has gained a reputation among industry leaders as a manufacturer of creative products that enhance cleaning and sanitizing of food processing equipment. We are quickly becoming the method of choice among quality assurance professionals!

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