Keep staff healthy & on the road

Biomist Inc. SS10 System in front of a Paramedic VehicleAmbulances, police cars and other vehicles are constantly used in situations where blood, vomit and other bodily fluids are likely to be present. Dangerous organisms such as MRSA, VRE and COVID-19 can be spread via the hands of care-givers, who have become contaminated from direct contact with the patient or indirectly by touching contaminated environmental surfaces. It is vital that surfaces are cleaned and disinfected in order to minimize this risk of infection and exposure to EMS workers/staff.

Experts recommend more frequent environmental cleaning with disinfection of high-touch surfaces (eg, stretchers, railings, medical equipment control panels, door handles, radios, keyboards and cell phones) every shift. Current disinfection procedures are time consuming and labor intensive, resulting in less time for vehicles to be in service.

Biomist Inc. systems are ideal for disinfecting and sanitizing emergency vehicles, equipment and surfacesBiomist reduces downtime, labor and eliminates the risk of cross contamination from wiping. Quick point-and-spray application of Biomist Formula D2 kills germs quickly and evaporates to leave surfaces ready for use.


  • Disinfects hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Non-corrosive, safe for electronics and sensitive equipment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low cost of operation
  • Multiple applications/Use anywhere

Biomist Inc. SS10 Mini System being used to sanitize an ambulance Areas of use

  • Ambulance, cruiser and vehicle interiors
  • Personal protective gear, masks and harnesses
  • Jump bags and portable equipment
  • Radios and communication devices
  • Electronics, keyboards, touch pads and monitors
  • Patient care devices such as blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes and ECG's
  • Gurneys, stretchers and wheelchairs
  • Communal areas in the fire house (kitchens, cafeterias, bathrooms and living areas)
  • Inmate holding cells

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