Ensure product quality

Biomist kills germs rapidly and evaporates to save time, labor and money.

Sanitation is critical to the success of any cannabis operation. Uncontrolled pathogens in growing and processing facilities can lead to outbreaks that require the eradication of entire crops, costing time and money.

Biomist Formula D2 is a solvent that can be used to clean waxy, oily or sticky resins and botanical residues from surfaces. Processing equipment must be cleaned and sanitized between uses to prevent cross-contamination from one batch to the next. Biomist is non-corrosive and perfect for disinfecting electronics and water-sensitive equipment found in packaging areas, extraction rooms and laboratories.

Ensure your entryways are clean. Shoes and clothes carry microbes into facilities and grow rooms, threatening the health of crops and employees. Use Biomist in transition areas before grow rooms to sanitize shoes, wheels, tools and other vectors of contamination before entry into critical areas.

Critical cleaning and sanitizing are essential for the production of cannabis drugs and edibles. Compliance standards are rapidly evolving from state to state and current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) used by pharmaceutical and food manufacturers should be employed.

Make Biomist part of your biosecurity program to protect your consumers, crops and profits!

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