Welcome to Biomist

Biomist was founded under the guiding principle that there is a safer, more effective way to eradicate harmful pathogens from environments that people come into contact with every day.

Traditional disinfecting (or sanitizing) methods require a lot of human labor, often involve spraying and wiping of wet chemicals, often force facility closures or room shut down for an extended period of time, and ultimately miss hard-to-reach areas where pathogens are known to hide and breed. Such methods also cannot be applied to sensitive equipment or materials, are harmful to humans and the environment, or are not easily applied to difficult to reach areas.

The Biomist Power Sanitizing System solves it all.

Introducing the Biomist™ Power Sanitizing System

Biomist is the first safe method for power spraying equipment and facilities with an alcohol-based sanitizing solution. Biomist’s non-corrosive sanitizing solution kills germs on contact and evaporates, leaving surfaces dry and ready for use.

Simply spray and walk away! 

  • Sanitizes more completely and with far less labor than any previous method.
  • First safe method for power spraying with a solution of concentrated alcohols.
  • Kills both surface and airborne pathogens.

Germ-Killing Power

Biomist Formula D2 contains a concentrated solution of alcohol (long recognized as an optimal sanitizing agent), as well as a four-chain quaternary ammonium compound to continue sanitizing after the alcohol has evaporated.

Biomist – How Does It Work?

  • Biomist uses CO2 as a carrier to spray the sanitizer.
  • Sanitizer contains 58.6% alcohol, an optimal disinfecting agent.
  • Surfactants continue sanitizing after the alcohol evaporates.

Why Choose Biomist

Fire Safe Operation
By enveloping the alcohol mist in a stream of CO2 propellant, alcohol cannot ignite, even in presence of electrical spark or open flame.

Modern electronic equipment isn’t compatible with corrosive sanitizers or wet-wash methods.  Biomist thoroughly sanitizes sensitive components in seconds without damaging them.

Safe for Food Contact Surfaces
Biomist Formula D2 can be used directly on food production equipment and food contact areas, no rinsing is required after the solution evaporates.

Biomist Formula D2 comes pre-mixed to ensure consistent efficacy.  No mixing of dangerous chemicals or worrying about whether you have the correct concentrations.

SS20 System


Biomist Control System

  • Easy-to-use controls regulate vaporization temperature and gas pressure.
  • Indicator lights show Standby, Ready, and Low CO2.
  • Timer can shut system down automatically.
  • Digital vaporization temperature readout.

Power Mist Unit

  • Power unit propels mist of sanitizer up to 15 feet.
  • Operation is as easy as point-and-spray.
  • Easy-to-fill reservoir holds proprietary Biomist sanitizing solution.
  • Applicator nozzle atomizes sanitizer into micro-size droplets.


Effective, Efficient & Affordable

  • Biomist Formula D2 is bactericidal, virucidal and tuberculocidal.
  • Saves time and labor, simply spray and walk away!
  • More thorough: Droplets penetrate cracks and crevices that are impossible to reach with other methods.
  • No wiping, sanitizing solution dries in seconds.
  • Flexible financing can be structured to meet your cash flow needs!

Tested and Proven

  • Eliminates cross-contamination from dirty rags and wipes. Wipes can spread pathogens to new surfaces
  • Perfect for heat or water sensitive equipment and areas, Biomist can be used on precision machinery and electronics without risk of corrosion.
  • Reduces water damage and replacement parts, Biomist users recover their investment many times over in reduced downtime.
  • Sanitize during shifts to ensure product quality.
  • A revolutionary intervention technology that brings HACCP Plans and SSOP’s to a new level!

Biomist Areas of Use

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